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Our company cooperates in the European Union in a new specialization in the production of castings of carbon steel, alloy steel, gray, high-strength anti-friction cast iron. The casting produced in the plant is characterized by high-quality casting, metal melting takes place in an electric furnace, which ensures a stable chemical composition and mechanical properties.


Melting equipment:

1. Electric arc furnace particle board -0,5, particle board -3.

2. Induction furnaces IST- 0,25, EAST 0, 4, ICHT -2,5.

3. Resistance furnaces for melting aluminum 0.2 tons


The forming equipment:

1. Molding line XTC (manufactured by the company «IMF» (Italy) molding for medium-and large-scale production of castings for No-bake- furan- process, making cores for No-bake-furan- process and Cold-box-amin- process. Weight rods 120 kg.

The maximum size of a lump in gathering - 1400 × 1150 × 800;

2. Mounding machines FRPUA- 50 to perform the forms in flasks on CO2 process size - 1000 × 1250 × 300/500;

3. Mounding machines FOROMAT- 40 to perform the forms in flasks size - 950 × 720 × 200/300/400;

4. Mounding machines FOROMAT- 20 to perform the forms in flasks

5. Molding machines mod. 233 M for the hand-formed in various flasks.

Single hand molding castings weighing from 1 kg.

6. Installation of vacuum film molding model U -29 GAMOLIV process - a progressive environmentally clean technology (casting in vacuum forms by gasified models)

7. Manufacture of church bells weighing from 5 kg.


Model plot - production of plastic, wood and metal molding and tooling for

Cleaning equipment: blast chamber mod.42233, OWT- 40 mod.2Z887 - C modes. 42834.

Thermal equipment: automated complexes normalization and high-temperature tempering molding 20 tons.

Mechanized quenching treatment complex with a manipulator - 5 tons

Department of mechanical treatment casting: equipped with milling and other machines for processing of finished goods (according to customer requirements).



The possibility of manufacturing: t / month

Optimal casting, kg



from 5

Pig iron


from 5

Quality Control:

Laboratories that monitor the quality of molding and core blends, chemical composition, emission spectrometric control of steel grades and alloys;

Laboratory tests of mechanical strength (hardness, etc.);

Laboratory nondestructive testing MPI.

ISO 9001-2015

Our main clients are companies MPS (carriage-building and carriage repair, locomotive and diesel locomotive repair plants), machine building and agricultural enterprises career sand and stone mining, brick and cement plants, mines, food and processing industries, truck cranes and construction fittings factories

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