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Chief Directorate European Line Service is located in one of the Gdynia location in the Tri-City the second largest city in Poland on the Baltic Business and Industry, after 5-five years moved to Rzeszow. European Line Service is a continuation of the company Chicago Line Service and Trade International in the U.S. with long tradition in the international market with China, the United States, European Union, Canada, Brazil, also with branches in countries: Europe Union and the U.S. We specialize in selling industrial ,electronics, petrochemical, fertilizers and construction material also all new technology production.

We sell products in conformity with the standards and quality of the production. Thanks to advanced technology and scientific management of our products are selling high-quality and well-sell them in different countries of the world. Meanwhile, we have more choice and benefit from the valuable comments on our customers, who have the greatest confidence and encouragement for our further development of foreign trade. Our company always insists on the principle of quality service. First, you have our best service based on integrity and quality of the product.

We will continue to develop our markets in the world. As a professional to supplier all product .Our May a large number of first-class production equipment to national standards and have a professional staff of employees who are innovative and well trained in foreign trade. Most of our manufacturers have a high-quality hardware and software, and this is another factor for us in order to achieve further prosperity and stability of foreign trade. Certificates of quality of our producers, have enabled us to attract many awards, such as the excellent Enterprise Quality Trade emphasizes our integrity in the Poland, it simply indicates that we achieved our and we our going in the right direction.

Works with us more than 100 people in our company spread all over the world. We will go forward in order to achieve ever greater success. We are prepared to work hard and we're working through the commercial and high-quality products from our manufacturers so. "Excellent service." Efforts, we are going compliance with the international market and the continuous innovation and dynamism for the remainder of our development. Therefore, I strongly believe that our joint efforts will bring a great future.

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